Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Future is Now.

It's funny how our humanity, at least our Western, technology-driven culture, has maintained a dread of the very future we were creating even as we created it. Actually, the relationship is more of a wedge narrowing: Think of 2001 Space Odyssey (1968!) and Bladerunner (1982). Dramatic views of our potential damage to ourselves if we keep messing with these machines. In literature, A Brave New World (1932), 1984 (1949), and The Handmaid's Tale (1985) all focus more on the damage we could do to ourselves. What these great works all have in common is one thing: the future world portrayed seemed reassuringly far from reality.

Now, I think the future is here. Anyone see "Children of Men'? How frightening was in it's resemblance to our current state of affairs? The wedge is narrowing.

In this vein; check out the work of Christoph Morlinghaus HERE. These images are haunting in their beauty and in the real/unreal question: is this a set, a fake future world-- or is this a moment in our real world?...and if so, we are moving frighteningly forward in our prophecy.